White Tees Company is a marketing company founded in 2020 and dedicated to the cultural development of the sport, art and music industries with the final aim to inspire people through their passions. The company specializes in the production, development and distribution of audiovisual works and also owns the eponymous White Tees media.

In our view, culture is an essential tool to understand how the world works, to develop critical thinking and inspiration but also mastering one’s own destiny. We define our approach as avant-garde, timeless, elegant and deep.

Our audiovisual works allow our customers to write their legend. Brands have a legacy, archives and an iconographic background which naturally predisposes them to get into this type of production. Our works shows cultural ambition and are also a great showcase for our customers’ image and identity. That’s the reason why it’s a great marketing tool.

You can reach more informations about our works and skills by sending an e-mail to laila@whitetees.be