« Au Coeur d’Évry » or « Large – Koba LaD » is a short film produced and directed for White Tees media and released on 16th September 2019 on YouTube. It features french artist Koba LaD in his neighborhood of Évry in the Paris suburbs. This short film have been ordered to promote the 18th October’s show of the artist in the famous « La Madeleine » hall in Brussels. The concert was sold out.

The idea behind the short film directed by Thomas Hadji, Gandhi « Rifa » Lokondo, Inès Bousbia and Asahya Girishaka was to share the realities of peoples’ lives in the Paris suburbs trough a famous artist prism. By drawing Koba LaD’s fans attention and making them discover their favorite artist in a natural manner, we were able to invite them more easily to the show.

To date, the short film has reached 2,000,000 views on YouTube and over 1,000,000 views on various social networks ads.